Daily Archives: 12. August 2012

Life Must Continue


So much has happened these past few days.  Most of it has been progress.  We have still not been notified by our benefactors as to the date for construction of the new orphanage building to begin, which we hope will be soon.  But we do have the well in place awaiting the breaucratic process to reach fruition.  Meanwhile we continue to improve the current premises.  A donor family from Texas donated a swing set for the kids to enjoy a few weeks ago.  The newly planted trees are growing tall.  And the new galera, a space being developed to sell food is taking shape.  All materials are provided by donations.  The goal being self-sustainability the Fundación intends to sell food there while the new building is being erected, expected to take 9 or 10 months to complete once the work begins.  And Saturday mornings I teach an English class to six of the most advanced children.  Two are missing from the picture due to illness.  So, yes, life must continue while the pain of loss slowly subsides, but is never forgotten.