Daily Archives: 1. April 2012

New Junta Directiva Photo

asamblea-general-eleccion-foto-24-feb-2012-008.jpg Well, here we are, the new governing body for the Fundación Señor San José.  In office for a term of two years, we will oversee the construction of the new building and the subsequent establishment and expansion of the new home for at-risk children.  Our benefactor from Virginia Hospital Center Medical Brigade is expected to attend our second meeting the last week of the month when he travels from the States for his quarterly inspection visit of the projects they currently support in Honduras.  This weekend is the beginning of Semana Santa in Honduras.  The country revels in a week-long holiday for the Easter celebration that culminates next weekend with the creation of the beautiful carpetas that will adorn the streets of the city as a large part of the population participates in a parade that celebrates the Stations of the Cross; you have to be Catholic to understand it.  I´ll post photos of the event.