Daily Archives: 11. September 2011

And The Children Shall Inherit The Earth


My last Sunday in La Paz I accompanied Sor Edith and the children to Mass.  Wednesday, my last day in town, our support group that is spearheading the construction of the new building for the Fundacion Senor San Jose had a meeting at the Hogar to tighten up last minute bureaucratic legalese and to have a mini-despedida for me.  We made first-class hamburgers for the children with mustard, mayonnaise, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and potato chips.  Ground-breaking for our new home for the children is scheduled to begin in October.  The building will be completely furnished with all new equipment and with a new well sunk for 24-hour water availability.  We hope to make the facility a model for the country.  I flew into Seattle last night for the last surgery to my elbow scheduled for 21 September.  Unfortunately I will miss the ground-breaking, but I will return to La Paz in January 2012 to continue the work Sor Edith and I began so long ago.