Daily Archives: 2. January 2011

Feliz New Year 2011

This year we expect the Personeria Juridica to be signed by the Country’s Secretary of Health any day now legitimizing the Fundacion Senor San Jose as a legal entity.

This year a new building for the Fundacion Senor San Jose with space for thirty-two children will be constructed.

This year I expect to write a Small Project Assistance (SPA) grant to remodel the Health Clinic (CESAMO) in a mountain aldea called Concepcion de Soluteca.

This year I will be coordinating the installation of a permanent, everyday 24/7 water system for the Hogar Materno where the peasant ladies from the mountain aldeas come to stay before they are ready to deliver their babies.

This year I will intensify my participation in the Centro de Atencion Integral (CAI), the clinic that administers to HIV positive patients and their families and to those with AIDS.  My goal is to establish a counseling (consejeria) service for the patients themselves to form a self-support group (Grupo de Auto Apoyo) (GAA) that provides them the knowledge and cumulative strength to combat the everpresent stigma, discrimination and rejection that accompany the collective community ignorance concerning this infection.  And of course to ultimately educate the community, if not into an attitude of acceptance, at least into one of tolerance.

This year I will continue to teach my three English classes geared to the three different levels of my students.

This year I will continue to integrate myself into the La Paz municipio community.  Every day I learn something new.  Every day I continue to grow.  Every day I continue to live life to the fullest amongst my contrapartes and my friends.  Every day is an adventure.