Daily Archives: 15. September 2010

Dia de Independencia en La Paz


The pride in their national honor was evident and glowed in the faces of the huge crowd gathered in the Parque Central.  The above 13 pics are a meager representation of the 72 photos I took to commemorate the day.  I hope the pictures capture the infectious joy in the numerous bustling children dressed in their finest and marching in so many groups as the well-organized desfile performed and passed before the reviewing stand of local dignitaries and then continued through the town as it wound its way to the other city park several blocks away, the parade route lined with cheering citizens.  The young men and women of the National Police Academy training facility in La Paz are an impressive sight.  The celebratory spirit will be carried forth into the night.  Myself?  I have been invited to the orphanage this evening by Sister Edith to sup on nacatamales with the children.