Daily Archives: 20. May 2010

Medical Brigade


Dr Barry Byer of the Virginia Hospital Center Medical Brigade arrived with his team last Saturday to assess the Hogar San Jose’s needs.  The expectant children brushed their teeth twice that morning and dressed in their best clothing.  Sister Edith played the guitar to make the norteamericanos feel welcome.  We hope they remember us when they return to the States.  Monday, my contraparte Licenciada Ana and I returned to the prison to complete the HIV post-testing with the results of the 47 tests we did on the 11th.  Everyone turned out negative.  To document more good news, I have been notified by the ADEC water engineers that the purification tanks will be installed at the Hogar San Jose next Tuesday May 25th.  The children will soon have potable water to drink on a 24-hour basis.