The Power of a Peanut

A three-tooth permanent bridge, when it fails, is removed from its foundation by cutting it into three pieces with a high-speed drill.  I sat in the dentist’s chair for three hours yesterday for the second time in a month while a different dentist sawed the second bridge from my head.  The replacement bridge I had waited a month for and that was installed last Friday lasted one day.  Saturday night after dinner I sat watching television happily eating peanuts when I suddenly felt a familiar sensation.  A peanut had factured my day-old bridge!  It was obvious that the first dentist, a male, had been less than diligent installing my first replacement bridge.  It was more than obvious that the second dentist, a female, was thorough and fastidious and very professional.  The first guy hadn’t taken a single Xray.  The lady took three.  The first guy sent the tooth impressions to Guatemala for the bridge construction.  The lady is having my new bridge made in Tegucigalpa at a laboratory near her office.  My new bridge should be ready in one to two weeks.  I expect to be happily eating peanuts again shortly.

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Fortunato Velasquez received his Registered Nurse's license from the State of California during the month that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. On February 15, 2020, my friend and the director of the Fundación Señor San José in La Paz, La Paz, Honduras, Sister Edith Suazo Fernandez died at the age of 47. This a video of her funeral.

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