Daily Archives: 17. July 2009

Adios, La Masica

I was notified by the Country Director last Tuesday, July 14th, that I was going to be transferred from La Masica due to an assessment made by Peace Corps Administration that the North Coast had become a security risk for PCVs because of narco-traficante activity in the area.  The North Coast of Honduras is viewed as a major narco-corridor for the movement of drugs from Colombia to Mexico to the U.S.; especially since Mexico has cracked down on the drug cartels in recent months.  The present volatile political situation in Honduras hasn’t helped.  Bad news seems to come in a torrent.  This week I also learned that three of my fellow PCVs had chosen to take an ET (early termination) from service.  Derrick, Annie and Lindsay are going home.  Of our original Health Project group of fifteen only eight of us remain.  I don’t know to where in Honduras I will be transferred, but I will find out in a couple of weeks.  It is so sad because I have made great friends here in La Masica and my two months of work were just beginning to come to fruition.