Daily Archives: 14. March 2009

Santa Lucía

campo-zarabanda-honduras-048.jpg campo-zarabanda-honduras-053.jpg

A couple of scenes above from my training site and the road to my host family´s home.  A bus picks me and four other Peace Corps Trainees up every morning (except Sunday) and drives us to the training site about three miles away.  We spend a lot of time in Spanish classes as well as other classes about Honduran culture and our proyectos.  Tomorrow (Sunday) I leave for a town called Juticalpa in El Departamento de Olancho, which is about three hours east of Tegus to stay three days with a Peace Corps volunteer assigned to that area.  It is designed to be a taste of what the life of a volunteer is like for when we finally finish training in May.  Every afternoon at about five o´clock we five PCTs are deposited at the entrance to the dirt road to begin the climb to our host familys´ homes and dinner.  More studying after dinner and then I´m in bed by 8 p.m. to begin the day anew at 5 a.m.  There is so much more to say but I´m beat.  I´m in Santa Lucia this Saturday afternoon using an internet site about as big as a large closet with three computers where the neighborhood kids play computer games.  I´m going to have a late lunch and walk to my host family´s home about ten miles away.  I leave early in the morning.