Monthly Archives: September 2021


Different variants of Covid are still killing people world-wide. Delta the latest prevalent to evolve: Mu in the wings. Honduras stats over the last six months: 343,807 cases, 9,023 deaths, and new information confronting the multiple virus variants is vaccination data. 3,205,881 Honduran citizens have received their first vaccine and a number of others the second dose. This in a population of approximately 8,000,000 folks. The pandemic is far from over. The 1918 Spanish flu raged for 5 years killing millions. I contiue to follow precautionary rules. I leave my home only for essentials, mask when I do, avoid crowds and places where people congregate by picking days of the week that are sparsely populated. And I always bring disinfectant gel and spray and disposable towelletes. Meanwhile in the US of Northamerica, absolute idiots are rejecting vaccines and masks, ignoring safe distances, and self-medicating with a horse dewormer. And also dying. When I travel to the US next March I intend to receive a 3rd Covid vaccine, a booster, at the VA Hospital when I see my primary care provider in Seattle.