Monthly Archives: September 2020

Independence Day!

The murdering Spanish invaders stormed into what is today the Republic of Honduras in 1524: one year after the conquest of Méjico. It took two years for the thugs to conquer and enslave Méjico, the beginning of the end of indigenous America. In 1821 the Honduran people kicked out by force the racist parasites after 300 years of oppressive subjugation. Today the liberation is celebrated in subdued fashion mandated by a different kind of invasion. The covid virus biological invasion has to date infected 68,620 and killed 2,087. The country has been under quarantine for 6 months, the end is nowhere in sight. Here in La Paz, at the childrenless Children’s Home where I currently reside, we will soon have a new governing board. The board’s president has resigned and new leadership will be installed. We aim to re-establish Sister Edith’s mission dedicated to the community’s children.