Monthly Archives: April 2018


When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered 50 years ago today by a racist pink prick, I sat in an Anatomy and Physiology class at San José City College in San José, California waiting for class to begin. The professor entered and strode to the podium, tears in his eyes, voice breaking, and softly said that Dr. King had been assassinated in Memphis, Tennesee. Robert F. Kennedy was also murdered that year, months apart. Class dismissed, the professor said and left. As I drove home, I listened to Janis Joplin singing on the car radio: Take a little piece of my heart now, baaby. I learned today that the racists of that day celebrated the murder perpetrated by a cowardly shithead. Things in this country haven’t changed much. The average citizen of the US of Norte America is an ignorant, knuckle-dragging racist. Consider the monster they elevated to the presidency of the republic who reigns today.