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About Writing

Thinking, Reading, Studying, Writing. Since setting up my writing routine, my life has been dedicated to a daily production of words based on these four required principles. Every morning after breakfast I sit and join with the page before me for two to three hours. I enter a different consciousness as I select the right word, the right phrase, the right paragraph. Yet everything I write will be rewritten, edited and rewritten again as the thought processes coalesce to aim for an eventual whole. Every writer has their own method for creating something original and new. This is mine that will take me probably until next year. My book, ‘Met the Nun: Lost my Heart’ has the rough first chapter posted on this web page. I am waiting for my daughter to post the rewritten first chapter while I work on the third chapter. The second chapter is in rough awaiting her editing skills.

Met the Nun: Lost my Heart

When I tell friends and family the title of the book I’m writing, they invariably reach the wrong conclusion. The children, I say. For more than eight years the children of the Fundación Señor San José have been my focus. The book I am writing is a biographical memoir elucidating on my experiences helping the growth of the amazing home for at-risk children Sister Edith initiated in 2006, three years before I arrived in Honduras as a Peace Corps Volunteer Trainee. I subsequently decided to remain in Honduras after my two-year tour of duty. I’m still here, and I’m writing. With my equally amazing computer tech daughter Andrea’s help I will be posting, chapter by chapter, as I sweep the cobwebs from my brain, sharing my remembrances. Join me on my web page for an unforgettable journey. A genuine Peace Corps adventure.