Monthly Archives: April 2016

A Day At The River


Once the rainy season starts it will be impossible to navigate the long muddy dirt road down to the raging torrent the Umuya River will become. So we enjoy Mother Nature’s fruits while we can. We stand in a huge Mango grove and the kids scamper up like monkeys to harvest the succulent treats and swim in the nearby presently placid river water where we spend Sunday afternoons..


Ancient Lenca Pottery


This ancient Lenca pottery was dug out of the ground by workmen at a construction site in downtown La Paz about three weeks ago. These ollas are thousands of years old and predate the Maya culture by centuries. The 6,000-year-old pyramid complex of the El Chircal archaeological zone is about ten kilometers from the municipalidad of La Paz, the La Paz departmental administrative center. My goal is to interview the workmen who made the discovery and view the site for photographic evidence to establish provenance.