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Happy Solstice 2014

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Before the Current Era (B.C.E.) 45 million indigenous folk had occupied the planet’s western hemisphere for 40,000 years and had no idea what was in store for them when the murderous barbarian Europeans (whose population was fewer than 25 million) invaded its shores to “discover” the Americas, named for an Italian map maker called Amerigo Vespucci. The unhygienic Europeans brought with them diseases that reduced the native population by 90% thereby enabling the mass enslavement and genocide of the surviving original inhabitants. They also brought their supernatural beliefs that they superimposed onto the extant supernatural beliefs. That of course included the Old Norse custom of the yule tree. And voilá the winter solstice was discovered and converted into a religious commercial frenzy exploiting the ignorant masses today. From Honduras I wish you a Happy Solstice. In a week I leave for the Pacific beaches of El Salvador. From there I will wish you a healthy and peaceful New Year. Maz-el tov! Viva México!!